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Expert Solutions to Reveal Your Real Beauty

We can't wait to see you here at The Hair Color Salon! 

In order to receive a quote for color services, you must first have a consultation. The reason for this is all of our color pricing is customized 100% to your hair. 

Why is this better? Because we know that no two heads are the same, we do not charge you like they are either. 

This can be done via e-mail or text, but our favorite way is to have you schedule an in-person consult to properly assess your hair needs! 

Note: *Tier pricing based on stylists expertise, demand and years in service and are subject to change depending on hair length and thickness. 

Online Booking

While we accept walk-in customers, we recommend that you schedule your visit with us so we can accommodate you more promptly. Simply click on our booking button above to set an appointment.

Cancellation of Service

If you wish to cancel any appointment, call or send us a notice 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Please take note that there will be a minimum charge of $25 for any appointment cancelled without notice.

Gift Certificates

Ideal for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries as well as employees and business clients. We sell gift certificates in our Salon and would love to help you give the perfect gift to the perfect someone. You may purchase them anytime during our regular Salon hours.

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